The Story of A Cause – قصة قضية


A story that is not like other stories. A story of a homeland that been stolen from us and then forbidden on us.
The story of people who have suffered a lot. People that been told to suffer since time immemorial.
Even though of everything those people do not and will not relinquish their right to return and they will be holding to their rights forever.
No matter how others try to erase our presence they will find that it has etched his existence on the sun that does not sit… and no matter how they try to manipulate our history they will see that it’s been written with our martyrs’ blood on every single sand particle of our land.
So that we wont forget … and so that the whole world would know…


Fazlakat Blog presents;
A Story Of A Cause – Palestine.


A two hours long video on the story of Palestine.






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